Where To Buy Astroworld Merch? Real Merch

The Astroworld Merch of Travis Scott is the talk of the world of Hip Hop. With the release of Astroworld, fans all over the world went insane about it. La flame merch was launched online at the official shop of Travis Scott as well as on the tour of Astroworld.

This flamed Travis Scott Merch were highlighted at the Wish You Were Here leg 1 and leg 2 and was sold like hot cakes. The merch assortment was limited, and a large number of the fans were missed out without having anything from the symbolic Astroworld merchandise.

Where to buy real Astroworld Merch?

 Let us make one thing perfectly clear – except for the one that drops on Travis Scott’s official website only for a brief time, there is no official Astroworld Merch.

If you are curious where to buy the Travis Scott merch on an alternative online store, today I’m going to tell you an unofficial online source where you can get the Astroworld Merch collection you fancy!

Astroworld merch store is a dedicated online store exclusively for merchandise by Travis Scott – the ideal place to purchase Astroworld merchandise from Travis Scott. It features nearly all items from the merchandise selection from the website of Travis Scott to Astroworld Tour Leg 2.

A big success with the fans on tours and gigs was the Astroworld Travis Scott collection. With the imaginative printing and slogans, the concept of each outfit kept fans craving for more! Every clothing piece has a unique design and is a perfect item for streetwear! It is like restricting spices in a tasty dish to choose 5 merchandise from a range of nearly one hundred items.

In addition to a wide range of items, the website is operated by a trustworthy businessman, who also manages other merchandise shops online. The products’ quality is quite good and for every merch, you can see the customer’s feedback.

The collection is punctuated with colorful themes, designs, and statements, alongside references to Travis Scott’s third studio collection, ranging from stylish printed shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and more. Some of the most loved and favorite items from the ‘ASTROWORLD’ TRAVIS SCOTT MERCH collection are listed below. Visit this shop and meet your Travis Scott Astroworld cravings!


A limited edition hooded sweatshirt from Travis Scott’s late 2018 and early 2019 Astroworld US tour is the Travis Scott Astroworld Tour Hoodie. This style features a black hoodie with an Astroworld emblem across the chest and a large back graphic of the inflatable head of Travis Scott. The back also lists the tour dates for the second leg of the January-March 2019 tour, and the red script “Wish You Were Here”.

Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie (High Quality)

The embroidered Astroworld hoodie has the hand-crafted Astroworld emblem on the front, making it DOPE! The back features ‘Wish You Were Here’ in big letters to lend it a funky appearance. This hoodie was part of the online Merch drop from Travis Scott.

A fan favorite and a must have item from Astroworld! To make sure that you are equipped with a comfortable lounging piece, it is made of a mix of cotton fabrics.

Astroworld World Peace Hoodie

Perfection’s epitome! This hoodie from Astroworld is a limited edition. With the infamous peace and Ying Yang sign on the back of the hoodie, also reads out ‘Out of this World and ‘Wish You Were Here’. The front has thrills and chills prints.

Astroworld is shown printed on the sleeves and the collar of the hood has stitched neck patches. In a nutshell, this hoodie is perfect for any fan of Astroworld. A cozy sweatshirt keeps you warm during the chilly weather of fall or winter, and keeps you looking fashionable.

Cactus Jack Gaming Sweatshirt

The American rapper has launched his accompanying merchandise as part of Travis Scott’s ‘Fornite” Astronomical Tour’. Part of his Cactus Jack x Fortnite set is this Cactus Jack Gaming Sweatshirt.

In the popular online game Fortnite, this sweatshirt is a presentation of his Astronomical Concert. The Cactus Jack Gaming Sweatshirt features the world of Fortnite as the design of the sweatshirt. It’s got Fornite’s mountainous world and a raging fire in front of the sweatshirt.

Thanks to its CACTUS JACK prints all over, the sweatshirt is really easy to recognise as Travis Scott’s Astronomical merchandise. Astronomical design prints are also on the sleeves of the sweatshirt. The famous CACTUS JACK branding is printed at the back of the sweatshirt in a very clean white.

Coney Island Hoodie (High Quality) 

The apparel from the Coney Island Concert tour that was part of Tour Leg 2 2019 is the Astro World Coney Island Hoodie. The hoodie’s front features a tiny ‘Coney Island Brooklyn NY’ print. There’s a large print of the Cactus blazing on fire on the back side.

This blazing cactus has a symbolic presence and is a great concert piece! With flame cactus tie-die prints, this Travis Scott Coney Island Hoodie has cotton-blended material that will leave you feeling cozy and relaxed.

Astroworld “Thrills and Chills” Sweatpants (High Quality)

The Astroworld Merch Stores offer you with the most convenient yet chic and fashionable looking garment you can wear for any occasion. A sweatpants that has proved to be the ultimate loungewear. Crafted from a blend of cotton fabrics to guarantee that a warm cozy lounging wardrobe is given for you.


Scattered Astroworld Embroidered Hoodie

The Scattered Astroworld Hoodie is one of the iconic Astroworld Tour collections. It was dropped on Travis Scott’s official website when the album was released and was quickly sold out. It is very hot among the fans, being one of the rare merchandise. Place your confidence in Travis Scott merch.


Cactus Jack Cargo Sweatpants (Limited Edition)

The design of cargo pants is very common today and has become a staple of the wardrobe for both men and women. Where durability, functionality and strength are involved, it gives a lot of value for money. It has many pockets so that several items have ample storage space. It has many pockets so that several items have ample storage space.


Look Mom I Can Fly Festival Shirt (Best Quality)

The Look Mom I Can Travel Festival Shirt is based on the infamous documentary released by TravisScott in 2019 and the 2018 Astroworld Festival. The back print design of the shirt consists of “ASTRO WORLD FESTIVAL TEXAS” typography, a cool graphic of a young man flying in a superhero suit, as well as the number 18 and Houston Area. The basic typography of the iconic “LOOKMOM I CAN FLY” is printed at the right chest portion on the front of the shirt.



This T-shirt was released in October2019, after the American rapper’s hit single, HIGHEST IN THE ROOM. The Highest In The Room branding on the front and the Cactus Jack logo on the back of the shirt is featured in this T-shirt. The shirt is influenced by the record label Cactus Jack Records, founded by rapper Travis Scott.


Astroworld x Jack Boys Hotwheels Racing Tie Dye Shirt

The Travis Scott Jackboys Racing Tee is a black cotton T-shirt created specifically for the Jackboys merchandise line of the hip-hop artist.

Designed to commemorate the JACKBOYS EP launched by Scott’s Cactus Jack Records in early 2020, the eponymous clothing line includes several items with a 1988 BMW M3 detailing as a reference to the car that was used in the music video  to advertise the album.

The iconic German sports car is featured on this Racing Shirt with Hot Wheels in orange and yellow inspired imagery on the chest. On the left sleeve and body, trippy orange tie-dye detailing comes into effect. The right sleeve is dotted with Cactus Jack branding, and a picture of the car and side profile is printed on the rear.

Astroworld Festival Houston Shirt

This Astroworld festival shirt from the 2018 Astro World Festival, which was sold for one day only, is a limited and extremely rare piece! And it was because of the astro world fans’ high demand that we took it on ourselves to supply you with this infamous shirt online so that every customer is happy and loves being the die-hard fan they are.

Astroworld THRILLS and CHILLS Shirt

This Astroworld THRILLS AND CHILLS 3D printed T-shirt is a streetwear influenced by Travis Scotts with a hip-hop print that is perfect for men and women.

The iconic “Astroworld” logo and the “Wish you were here” are written on the lower left side on the front of the shirt with “Thrills and Chills” and a modern “Peace” sign is printed on the back of the shirt with “Out of This World” above. This shirt combined with denim trousers is a great complement to your casual look.

NAGRI Astronomical Astroworld Tee

This NAGRI Travis Scott Astronomical Astroworld casual men’s hip hop T-shirt is a totally iconic merhandise. A great addition to the collection of the Travis Scott Merch and a memorabilia for Fortnite players who have had experienced the American rapper’s amazing virtual concert.

The design of the shirt contains all the information relevant to his very latest virtual Astronomical concert performed on the Sweaty Sands-the point of interest of Fortnite, the date of the confirmed live performance-April23, 2020 and the virtual figure of Travis Scott at the core of the shirt, the planet with a sad face badge, a small Jack Cactus and the word Fortnite.

In the shirt, you can also find the rapper’s songs that were performed at the concert, particularly Sicko Mode, Stargazing, Goosebumps and Highest in the Room. Finally, in the shirt’s front design is his partnership with Kid Cudi, also called “The Scotts”. A big planet made with an Astroworld carnival concept that also appears in his Fortnite Astronomical virtual concert is at the back portion of this shirt.

Astroworld Camouflage Jacket 

  A jacket that is a fashionable option that will keep you comfortable in the months of cold weather. The Astroworld Camouflage Jacket is slightly oversized and roomy, inspired by warm cozy outdoor clothing, making it suitable for layering.

The look is highlighted by a cream-based brown and yellow camo-like pattern. With a “Wish You Were Here” quote printed near the right chest, Scott’s “Astroworld Tour” branding appears on the front. A zip-up style makes it possible for quick on-off wearability. A kangaroo pocket in the lower portion provides the wearer with storage.

Amusement Park Beanie (High Quality)

This black Astroworld beanie depicts one of Houston Texas’ famous face emblem attractions, the brilliantly embroidered Travis Scott Amusement Park.

The beanie is influenced by the Astroworld album by Travis Scott. Crafted from the beautifully knitted, highest quality material that is ideal for keeping your head warm and comfortable through winter and cold weather.


The merchandise collection from the third tour to endorse the Astroworld album is DSM Beanie. It has a cactus knitted on the front and embroidered down the side with ‘Wish You Were Here’.

With excellent visual aesthetics and colors that go well with black, this is an ideal skully. With excellent visual aesthetics and colors that go well with black, this is an ideal skully.


ASTROWORLD Corduroy Hat (Best Selling)

The Astroworld Corduroy hat is a great father’s hat with a distinctive style. Astroworld wish you were here Corduroy hat has an embroidered Astroworld emblem in front with adjustable size. At the back is a printed ‘Wish you were here’. A comfortable, casual style hat that has an elastic strap for a comfortable and relaxed fit. It is made of corduroy with high quality AstroWorld emblem embroidered.

Happy Face Hat (Best Selling) 

The famous Astroworld smiley is embroidered on the front of the Happy face hat and the back says ‘Put on a happy face’ slogan. This special statement piece is great for wearing every day. It is a baseball cap style that provides its various use.


Astroworld iPhone Cases 

These Astroworld iPhone cases are the best phone cases you’ll ever lay your eyes on, amazingly the hippest and the coolest. Crafted and made available to match the iphone in a vast number of designs and shapes. The classic ‘Astroworld’ with a ‘wish you were here’ slogan design for the classic black phone case. There is another one, an ‘Astroworld’ with a ‘Wish You Were Here slogan’ complimenting the infamous Astroworld album cover, a bed of flowers and skulls.

How much does Astroworld Merch cost?

You can shop Travis Scott’s Astroworld collection on very cheap rates on Astroworldmerchstore. The products are fine quality and are worth the money you pay.

How to buy Astroworld Merch?

Shop for a product at astroworld merch store and place an order by adding to the cart, checkout and pay. That is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here you go! An online shop that includes all of the astroworld vintage merchandise and hot pieces -a good choice for purchasing Astroworld clothing.

Where To Buy Astroworld Merch? Real Merch

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