At least 8 People Died at the Travis Scott’s Tragic Astroworld Festival

Eight people were killed and hundreds more were injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert, as investigators tried to figure out why and how a large gathering turned deadly. Officials reported on Saturday that a stampede of fans rushing toward the stage at rap singer Travis Scott’s Astroworld music event in Houston killed at least eight […]

Employees are Allowed by Amazon to Work From Home Indefinitely

SEATTLE   Amazon announced on Monday that many tech and corporate workers would be able to work from home indefinitely as long as they can still go to the office when needed. The new policy was published in a blog post, and it differs from Amazon’s prior statement that most employees would be required to […]

Best way to Purchase Cactus Jack shoes and Merch

Best way to Purchase Cactus Jack shoes and Merch Been passing on to shake some Cactus Jack shoes or Travis Scott Astroworld Merchandise, however they’re totally sold out? Well, You’re in luck! We are showing you the best way to purchase cactus jack shoes and merch. Lately, Travis Scott’s Astroworld Merch is the talk of […]

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